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California Courier Services specializes in STAT delivery of medical specimens, samples, equipment, prescriptions, and supplies.

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With some of the premier biotech, pharmaceutic, hospitals, and labs in California, we are here to meet any medical courier and delivery service needs. Our mission is to make sure that delivering medical specimens, medical equipment, pharmaceutics, and any other medical deliveries are streamlined and easy.Our drivers are trained to deliver medical specimens, medications from pharmacies and hospitals, medical equipment, along with other healthcare delivery and medical equipment throughout the state of California. We deliver to and from pharmacies, patients, hospitals, clinics, labs, nursing homes, doctor & dentist offices, and research facilities.
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Our company offers a comprehensive range of express times and easy economy delivery services. See how our delivery process works.
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Medical Courier Services Overview

We are the most reliable courier service in California and guarantee that your medical or surgical equipment arrives on time for surgery or any other procedures. Surgical device cleaning companies use us to transport and deliver the devices back to their prospective operating rooms and hospital departments. We can provide our medical equipment and device delivery service within minutes and it can be delivered direct and on time as scheduled. Our staff is highly trained in delivering medical equipment and understand the need of the medical community to have their devices and equipment on time.

We deliver any type of medical specimen and understand the care and effort of delivering certain things. Our climate controlled medical specimen logistics can make sure all of your medical specimens including blood work, urine samples, biopsies, diagnostic specimens and more are delivered in a quick and safe manner. We also understand that all of these deliveries are time critical and that each specimen needs to arrive to it’s destination as soon as possible; which is why every medical specimen delivery is delivered on a rush basis with nothing else on board.  

California Courier Services works to create, implement and manage a streamlined and seamless medical courier model tailored to meet your needs. We are familiar with the medical delivery standards and not only meet but exceed those standards so that your lab samples, medicines, and medical equipment are delivered promptly, and within the allotted time. We also have temperature-controlled vehicles for medical specimen if required and can handle that as well.

If you require a medical delivery anywhere in California then California Courier Services has you covered. All of our drivers are trained on HIPAA and OSHA and make sure to follow regulations while getting your medical delivery taken care of as fast as possible.

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