Medical Specimen Delivery

California Courier Services is your number one choice for any medical specimen deliveries. We have multiple options available, including daily delivery routes, same and rush delivery options and climate controlled vehicles. Our trained medical delivery drivers provide safe and timely delivery for labs, medical clinics, research laboratories, hospitals and any other medical service providers of any size all throughout California.

Our advantages

Trained Drivers
Temperature Сontrol
Climate Сontrol
Open 24/7
Real Time Tracking
We deliver any type of medical specimen and understand the care and effort of delivering certain things. Our climate controlled medical specimen logistics can make sure all of your medical specimens including blood work, urine samples, biopsies, diagnostic specimens and more are delivered in a quick and safe manner. We also understand that all of these deliveries are time critical and that each specimen needs to arrive to it’s destination as soon as possible; which is why every medical specimen delivery is delivered on a rush basis with nothing else on board. Feel free to give us a call and take advantage of our medical specimen delivery service throughout the state of California.